Friday, June 6, 2014

6 Month Progress Report

We have followed the protocol of our holistic immunologist/ DAN doctor to a 'T' for six months. The results are literally astounding. If you are contemplating seeking out help like this, what are you waiting for?!

I was skeptical, but desperate so we jumped in with both feet. Today, with testing done, allergens indicted, body cycles investigated, dietary changes reckoned, natural supplements added; we now have a child who has no tics, no head banging, no seizures, no more raccoon allergy eyes, a healing immune system and so much more!

Did it take all 6 months to heal? Yes and no. I saw immediate changes. Within two weeks head banging, tics, and seizures ceased. Severe eczema was under control and eye contact was dramatically improved.

Our son was physically age 4 when we started with the DAN, but developmentally he was only about 6 months old. Just 6 months later, he is easily, developmentally, about 2 years old. Wow!  So, immediate relief? Yes. And, ongoing healing? Yes. Even 6 months after beginning the changes are lasting and the improvement continues. Here's a list of others:

-Transitions are better. Our 'comings and goings' are easier. His most difficult triggers can now be tolerated even when they happen in sequence.

-There are fingernails to trim! In all of these years of being sick his nails never grew. Now I manicure once a week and he lets me.

-Izaiah is becoming very social. Very heartwarming to this Mommy to see my kids play together. 

-He understands everything said to him and is now following commands.

-Three times in six months he has gotten ill with a 'bug' and all three times recovered in 2 days or less. No long term, respiratory illness and no hospitals or doctors. Enormous improvement in immunity! See ya later docs! Holistic doctors teach you how to not need them, not set you up to need them routinely.

Izaiah's past demeanor was constant discomfort, distress, and endless coddling. Now he is independent. He plays, explores, and discovers on his own. He is no longer inflamed on the inside.  

Izaiah is still autistic, but that I can handle. Being sick everyday without answers is a different story. It pains me greatly to imagine children forced to endure therapy to change behavior that is not caused by autism, but rather allergens in their body. So, please, share this post!

RECIPE! Garbanzo Bean Flat-bread
This comes from the Cats in the Kitchen Blog which I highly recommend if you have lots of allergies including yeast. Sheree Welshimer is fun to read and her recipes always work! I modified this recipe only for our allergies.

Makes TWO 9x13 glass baking dishes:
Combine in bowl:
2 3/4 cups garbanzo bean flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp coriander
Mix dry ingredients with a whisk.

Add 1 3/4 cup water.  Mix with whisk
Add 3 T Grape Seed Oil (Olive oil can be used) and mix with whisk.
Add more water if necessary to make a smooth, thick yet pourable, batter.

Heat oven to 480 degrees and let the batter 'rest' while waiting for oven to heat.  

Add generous 1 T Grape Seed Oil to the bottom of two 9x13 glass baking dishes.
Prewarm glass baking dishes and oil in 480 degree oven for about 6 minutes.
Remove hot pans and evenly divide batter into the 2 hot baking dishes and bake 12 minutes.
Let bread cool a bit before cutting, but it is delicious warm and comes out of the pan perfectly!

We use this for all of our sandwiches and pizza crust too.  Basil leaves right before pouring into the pans if desired. And, for pizza crust, add Garlic and Oregano. 


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  1. Fantastic!!!! He's no longer suffering with an out-of-whack immune system!