Friday, January 30, 2015


All by Myself!

File yesterday under "Best Day Ever!" and in fact this whole week under "Best Week Ever!"

Izaiah's auto-immune issues continue to heal and he is responding wonderfully to therapy. His sensory issues are now easier to regulate and he's making some cognitive leaps too. Here are a few areas we have been working:

1. Drawing circles using the Injini app. .
2. Identifying nouns using the Bitsboard app. 
3. Fitting shapes into a visual light up toy that announces colors, numbers, shapes, and fruits.
4. Therapy Putty. It took 4 weeks for Izaiah to be able to touch therapy putty! Exercises to Do.

5. Index finger/ thumb, pincer grasping while picking out the objects in Discovery Putty. 
6. Rock walls. Izaiah has conquered his and can climb it without assistance.
7. Able to use a glass or drinking container without straws or sippy cups or assistance. 
8. A couple of 'pedals' on his bike.

Hard to believe that just 13 months ago, auto-immune issues kept this boy in a stroller!

Even if under the care of a professional therapist, one key to success is practicing therapy at home. A tool that keeps me organized and motivated is a journal. It also is a useful, written, document.

I used a spreadsheet to create an 'at-a-glance' type of journal. Here is a blank one if you want a template. I also have a filled in one so you can see what we are doing for therapy at the moment. Each page represents a week of therapy. What this is not is just a check-list of things Izaiah can/cannot do. No, this is a checklist for me to be sure I am engaging throughout each day in playful ways that encourage relational interaction, taking turns, eye contact, pretend play; and motivate Izaiah to desire to interact with myself and others. This helps me keep on task, even when the day get hectic.

I do keep track of his abilities as an indicator to me to add fresh and more advanced ideas or to flag areas where we need to concentrate. At first, I just marked the activities with an 'x' but now that Izaiah is putting in more effort and has better ability, I fill in each box with 2 numbers. One number represents a one-to-five scale for focus; 'one' shows 'not focused'; 'five' demonstrates interest and concentration.' The other number represents ability. A 'one' indicates 'needing hand over hand assistance' and a 'five' denotes 'completion of a task independently.'

If you are having major behavioral issues I wrote an article for HEDUA magazine located here. 

Romans 5:3-4 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope.


  1. The last time I saw him all he could do was sit in the stroller and look miserable!!! Praise the Lord who has opened doors for you!!!!!

    1. Thank you 'walking.' Trying to figure out who you are, obviously I must know you IRL! Thankfully we have been able to ditch that stroller and Izaiah can last a full length day and night with activity. It has been a long, hard, road, but God did open a door with an amazing doctor who has gone above and beyond what we ever thought possible and the improvement continues. Thanks for your encouragement!!