Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a Difference 18 Months Can Make

If you follow our story because of intrigue or to learn along with me, this is an overdue update. Izaiah's steady progress in every area means I have been uber-busy implementing and updating therapies.

To briefly recap, Izaiah's gut was mutilated with overuse of antibiotics. Instead of a healthy flora existing to overcome the occasional illness, his immune system was causing his body to attack itself on a daily basis.

With a leaky gut filled with c-diff poisoning, clostridum, and yeast overgrowth, Izaiah's organs and brain became inflamed. The inflammation on the inside was evidenced by the severe, flaming, eczema on the outside (the skin.) Also notable, was his severe, severe regression into 'autism.'

Finding the right kind of doctor who understood was like finding a needle in a haystack. We finally met ours by the grace of God, through a sweet friend.

 Within TWO WEEKS of seeing our new doctor Izaiah became free of seizures, tics, head-banging, and severe eczema. But that was only the beginning.

Fast forward 18 months and Izaiah's progress is outstanding. His eczema is now in remission! I am suspect that many severe food allergies may also subside as we continue to heal.

Miraculously, his mitochondria are now functioning the way they are supposed to. If you know anyone with mito issues then you are aware of this rare success. I'm truly speechless at what Izaiah's doctor has been able to do, all naturally. Our son now has endless energy and can play all day outside for hours on end. Swinging, sliding, climbing, jumping on the trampoline, balancing on limestone, bike rides...hard to believe this is the same kid who needed a stroller or a nap after 5 minutes of outdoor play,  just 18 months ago.

Izaiah's social behavior has immeasurably improved. He makes eye contact. He engages. He wants to
engage. He plays with the neighbors. He grabs me by the hand to take me places. He follows one-step commands. He's been attempting to smile and pose for pictures (above) and he's figuring things out, like how to ride his bike, swing, steer his plasma car, and we're working on swinging a bat.

We love being our neighborhood hot spot! The kids are so blessed to have many fun friends who come over.
Now he is responding beautifully to occupational therapy and sensory integration. His severe tactile defensiveness is slowly diminishing. I plan to post next about the specific toys and objects that have been most beneficial for us the last 6 months. Most likely you have them all at home already.

He's gaining a relational perspective, that is, becoming aware of his positioning relative to others. Such as when we are bike riding. He wants to go faster to keep up with Ashi, he wants their wheels side by side. He wants to  keep up with Ashi's swings. You can see that determination in the pic below. He has a favorite neighborhood friend to jump in the trampoline with since she is almost the same height as Izaiah. You can see in his eyes and face that he makes those connections.

Izaiah determined to keep up swinging
Most heart-warming is that he allows me to read books to him. and he even has a favorite, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The reason he could not sit still and listen, focus, or even care about a book before was simply because he was hurting.

His excellent receptive speech is shown by his clear understanding of what is said and following instructions. He's even slowly becoming verbal. Even though his receptive speech is so good, there is still an obvious processing delay which I'm hopeful will get better with time, therapy, and practice. I think his expressive speech gap will close as we keep broadening his receptive speech and improve that processing delay. 

I was shocked when our doctor told me, at our last appointment, that Izaiah's autism is in his gut and as soon as these last issues of clostridium and yeast are handled, his autism will be gone.

I was desperate for our son to be healthy. He was slipping from us and from this world so I have strictly followed our doctor's protocol for 18 months. The maintenance is difficult, there is no wiggle room, but the alternative isn't good enough. I don't want to manage Izaiah's illness. I want to CURE him.

Lately, I have been studying the book of Acts. I don't know of a book filled with as much political savvy, adventure, and literary masterpieces as Acts. I've studied it many times, absolutely engrossed. In Chapter 26, Paul ultimately addresses King Agrippa, ironically  the great-grandson of Herod who attempted to murder Jesus as an infant and the son of King Agrippa I who murdered the apostle James.

Later in 2 Timothy 4:7,  Paul says, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 

Many of us are coping with the environmental effects of GMO's, overuse of vaccines and anti-biotics. It's a train wreck devised and driven by scientists and politicians blinded by greed instead of human love. Our trials, our successes, even proof of the crime falls on deaf ears. But, we have to fight the good fight and we have to finish the race while holding on to our faith. Our faith in Christ will see us through. Ultimately, we all who will believe in Jesus Christ are already winners of the race Paul was speaking of. I encourage you in your race today and to strengthen yourself by reading God's word.