Monday, January 23, 2017

Eczema - Part l

We finally have eczema under manageable control.  I have kept a photo journal and will share in Part II of this post. I'm not talking about 'dry skin'. I am talking about bloody itchy rashes that are debilitating and infringe on every aspect of life and sleep.

For seven years eczema has plagued our son. The minute the 'disease' seemed cured, an empty steroid tube signaled the 'disease' was never far away.

We'd done everything. The docs, the derms, the allergies, the supplements, the diets, the oils, the creams, the salves, the ointments. NONE of it cured.

Removing immediate and delayed allergens from the environment and diet improved the situation the best, but we were still applying topical steroid. The smallest irritated area was hurriedly dabbed with steroid in fear of bigger rashes.

Now that my mind is unraveled from western medicine's twisting, I know how blatantly counterproductive that truly was. I was so naive about eczema.

In May of last year and out of nowhere, Izaiah was hit with full on, raging, angry, bloody eczema that was previously mild. We spent all of late summer and fall collapsing into the abyss of regression, not only with eczema but seizures and head banging too.

We had no other alternative but to try homeopathy. 

Izaiah's eczema is now controlled.  No drugs, no creams. I used natural helps that soothed but didn't suppress and homeopathic remedies helped Izaiah's body do the hard work to get rid of eczema on it's own. 

Yes, you read that correctly, on it's own. 

Just as toxins are excreted by using the toilet, the body also can send toxins out of our skin. It's simply another path the body can choose. Our skin is a direct path into the body. Likewise, it can be a direct path out of the body.

It makes sense that Izaiah's body would choose the skin as an exit route for toxins.Western medicine that has left him an auto-immune train wreck means that the gut and bowels do not effectively remove toxins and neither does the liver. The skin then becomes the body's last ditch effort.

The eczema was simply the toxins coming out, not some rashy disease.

But armed only Western medicine orthodoxy at that time, the treatment of choice was topical steroid. I didn't know any better.

On the surface it looks like steroid is healing because the skin improves, the itch goes away, and the appearance of our child is now satisfactory to every opinionated eye who might look upon us. Until that tube of steroid runs out.

Insidiously, the steroid is not healing, rather it is pressing that eczema back down into the skin. The toxins trying to escape are instead getting jammed back into the derma. The toxins go deep overloading tissues, muscles, organs, and as we continue to suppress, what was once eczema now turns into other things: allergies, food allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, focus problems, adhd, irrational fears, autism, cancer.  

Suppression, not healing.

Benedryl and ibuprofen are two common medicines that also suppress alongside most pharmaceutical drugs. This is very dangerous to suppress every illness and fever. We are trading in simple and harmless ailments for chronic and fatal disease and mental illness.

Eczema is actually the good guy. Let it flare. The harder it flares, the better the immune system

We would do well to stop eyeing every mother whose child has eczema and instead start scrutinizing the systems and policies that are putting the toxins in her children in the first place.