Sunday, January 29, 2017

Eczema Part ll - Photo Journal

Can any picture can fully describe the suffering of eczema? How can you capture the feelings of a child who wants to play but can only sit and scratch? Who wants to sleep but is tortured with pain and itchiness? How about their parents who are exhausted from weeks or months tending to eczema all through the night? How about the struggle of whole families affected by the financial strain of auto-immune disorders? Could a snapshot depict my hurt and anger towards a callous medical system responsible for the damages but none of the cost? No.

But, for any person desperate for help, I feel for you. I hope my photos do capture where we were, and how we've healed. Homeopathy held our cure. Both for Izaiah's body and for my orthodoxy regarding mainstream medicine.

If you read Part I of the story you know that we had originally followed the protocol of conventional pediatric dermatology. This only did more harm and furthered Izaiah's regression into autism.

We then used a biomedical approach which delivered a huge degree of healing. Identifying and removing allergens from environment and diet while naturally supporting body systems has been crucial to our program.

But once we started healing with homeopathy, the unseen and underlying eczema resurfaced! We thought it was mostly gone, but here it was and it flared violently for eight months. That is, it took eight months to get the worst of it out. 

This was a very difficult time and required me to trust our homeopath. She helped me untwist 'my name it and prescribe it' faith toward doctoring and medicine that I was soldiered with.  She taught me that I had to let this flare without suppressing it. "We could soothe it, but not suppress it."

        Backs of Legs                     Close up of right leg back. 

For eight very long months, toxins came out of Izaiah's body - his neck, stomach, arms,hands, feet, and the fronts and backs of his legs. My knowledge of biomed helped to support the homeopathic detox and bring comfort to Izaiah as his body released the poisons.

The toxins were a direct result of the 'vitamin' K shot from birth causing both encephalitis and a violent auto-immune response that triggered eczema and ear infection within 3 weeks of Izaiah's infant life.

Izaiah relentlessly scratching. Look at fingernails. Ugh!
Then came the over-prescribed antibiotics for the resulting multiple ear infections that lead to leaky gut, severe food allergies, and a decline into autism; carelessly prescribed topical steroid, haphazard use of anesthesia for surgeries, and mindless use of over the counter suppressive drugs such as ibuprofen, tylenol, benedryl, etc. All of it would cycle together as a machine to take Izaiah down the vortex of severe regressive autism.

May I interject here that antibiotics are usually not necessary for ear infection. Most of them are viral and not bacterial. They typically go away on their own. Using homeopathic remedies can cure them within minutes to hours. Using an otoscope I have literally watched ear infection come on and be healed within an hour using a homeopathic remedy. The constant prescribing of antibiotics for this is grossly derelict. In my experience, treating homeopathically not only healed ear infection quickly, but permanently in that they do not return.

Our son is a poster child for all that is wrong with Western Medicine and sadly scores of children are injured in this way. All of Izaiah's issues are diagnosed by his doctor who is an MD, PhD with over 33 years of experience in healing children damaged chronically by medicine.
Izaiah's healed skin today. All natural, no drugs, no creams. 

There are four things I want to point out with Izaiah's healing.

1.) We are not in remission. That would imply that eczema is a disease and that it is lurking around somewhere waiting to attack at any given moment. It's not. That is western medicine's vocabulary.

2.)  Eczema is simply toxic junk coming out of the body. Where do the toxins come from? Vaccines, processed foods, GMO foods, ibuprofen, benedryl, steroids, antibiotics, anesthesia, prescription drugs, air, water, allergens, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, cleaning chemicals, etc.

3.) When the body chooses the skin as its primary exit route for toxins there may be underlying liver and gut problems to address. The body is not methylating properly which means these toxins stay in the body and sit on the brain instead of being passed out with urine and feces.

4.) About 50% of our population has a gene deletion causing them to not methylate properly.  It is estimated that up to 90% of the autism population could have the mutation called MTHFR -gene deletion. It can be hereditary but can also mutate independently. Some believe that vaccines or the 'vitamin'K shot can shock the natural auto-immune system thereby forever mutating the DNA. There is a simple blood test for MTHFR. Testing for this gene deletion before vaccinating would help parents know if their child has a high probability of being vaccine injured. It makes no sense that pediatricians wouldn't demand this test to protect patients and their parents.          

I hope our story might steer another mom to see eczema in a more natural light than I did. It never occurred to me that there were toxins inside of Izaiah's body that needed to come out and these were the same toxins causing his severe regression into autism. Instead of just letting 'eczema' flare when Izaiah was 3 weeks old, my brainwashed eye only saw a rash that needed medication. I was a very good toy soldier.

We learned our lesson with conventional Western medicine. It's great for acute problems but even better at causing chronic disease from constant doled out drugs. Homeopathy is how we finally ended the battle with Izaiah's eczema both in his body and in my mind. We  may encounter it again as we continue to detox poisons out, but now I have an easy perception of the process. And, as we remove the toxins, the symptoms of autism are also fading.


  1. Look at that gorgeous, perfect skin! Well done, mama-so glad you were able to stick with it.

    1. Thank you so much! This was very hard to go through, more for me than for Izaiah I think. I am so thankful to Sally Lloyd, our homeopath, who hand-held me through this tough time. It was worth it!