Eczema is horrible. We have wrestled with this issue for 7 years. We are finally at the end of it.

1.) Find a reputable homeopath who will help you detox the body of toxic substances such as steroids, chemicals, antibiotics, vaccines, and metals. Your eczema may continue to flare as the toxins come out. For whatever reason, they are choosing to use the skin as their exit. Unfortunately, we have been trained to see a rash then panic and believe we need to rub a prescribed medicine on it. When in reality what we are doing is not allowing the body to work the toxins out or worse, we are using steroids to suppress which pushes the toxins in further, creating new disease in the body.

Seasonal allergies, food allergies, leaky gut, thyroid problems, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis can come from the toxins being pushed back into the skin and deeper into tissues, organs, muscle, and bone. This happens when the (pediatric) dermatologist prescribes steroid. Oh, sure, the eczema may appear to be better. The itching may stop, the rash ceases, skin looks better. Until the tube of steroid runs out. Then it is all back. This is not healing it or curing it. In fact the opposite is happening. We're making it worse.

So, stop with the steroids! Use creams that soothe, but do not suppress. I use organic emu oil or organic shea butter. I have used essential oils with those as well, like arborvitae, lavender, and chamomile. I also have added hemp oil and vitamin E to them as well. But the oil and butter work fine on their own.

2. ) Find a DAN or MAPS or holistic immunologist. Our biomed doctor out-credentials any other doctor we see. He is an MD, a PhD, and has 33 years of experience and is holistic. He is an immunologist, allergist, and specializes in eczema, autism, adhd, stomach problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalsia, etc. He knows what he's doing. You will not get a referral to a doctor like this and guess what? You don't need one.  Just go.  He/She will take care of the next listed items.

3.) Allergy testing Of course you'll need immediate IgE's tested which are top 8 and environmental. But, you also need to know all of your delayed allergies too, IgG's, and IgA's. These are things your body believes are toxic and every time you ingest them, your body is fighting itself. It is probably related to leaky gut, which leads to the next item on the list.

4.) Change your diet. Of course you will get better and more specific, individualized answers from your own allergy testing, but triggers that can cause inflammation are: wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, sugar, yeast, citrus - including orange juice, nightshade veggies - tomatoes, eggplant, etc, potatoes (including sweet potatoes), peanuts, nuts, coconut.  Testing from your MAPS will reveal exactly what is inflaming your own body.

5.) A DAN or MAPS bio-med doctor will also test to see what is going on in the gut. We have a natural variety of yeast and bacteria there and if we have, say for example, over-dosed on antibiotics which is so common in our 'name it/drug it doctor routine' today, our gut flora can be a train-wreck. This flora is responsible for our immunity, so if we are suffering auto-immune issues - the gut is the place to heal.

6.)  Severe eczema on the outside can be a sign of inflammation on the inside. That means your organs and brain are probably inflamed as well as is the organ on the outside of your body...the skin. In addition, if you have an auto-immune disorder, it is possible you have other complications. There could be other auto-immune disorders or body cycles that are completely out of whack and need to be restored. A DAN, MAPS, or bio-med doctor can help identify and restore these systems, all naturally.

7.) Other things you need to do:  Use only dye free, fragrance free detergents for laundry and dishes. Make sure they are free of glycophosphates. Do not use dryer sheets or fabric softner. Do not use bubble bath or soap. Use water only. I would not use even Aveeno until you know for sure you are not allergic to oats. Use hypo-allergenic furnace filters and keep the temp. in your home cool. Keep outside, outside. Take of shoes, clothes; shower when coming in from outside.  Remove carpet and you might even have to test for mold.

8.) Bathe in water only.  I would not even use natural products until you get allergies tested. Many of them contain coconut or olive oil and these could be allergens triggering your eczema. Stay away from parabens and do not use white creams, steroid, or OTC steroid creams. Use clear and organic ointments that soothe, but don't suppress.

There's no lack of people with eczema today. It is on the rise due to increased medications being dangerously overused, vaccines, pesticides, and GMO's, leaky gut and severe food allergies. They are all related to autism, Alzheimer, and ALS, which are also on the rise as well.

Decades ago, vaccines were NOT advised for those with eczema. Even though big pharma has thrown caution to the wind and sticks everyone these days, I would research and go with the original plan - to not vaccinate those with eczema. Vaccines can contain egg, nuts, human DNA, as well as aluminum and/or mercury.

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