Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Therapy Items for 2012

We experimented with several therapy items this year so I thought I would share my thoughts on some of them.  Just a reminder: I am not a professional therapist, I just play one at home! 

You may or may not have the same experience. I have links for each item so that you can easily find out more information.  I am not paid by any of these companies nor is my blog monetized at this time. These are are solely my opinions. 

Jump-o-lene, ebay
First, there is this Jump-O-Lene by Intex. I spied this little gem and rejoiced, "therapy!" I found that many parents saw the same appeal I did, but I should h ave heeded their warnings posted on amazon though.  Be sure to read them before purchasing; buyer beware! 

It is a good purchase if you also purchase durable tape to make up for the weak seams that will leak air after the first week and also an electric pump as you'll be refilling the Jump-O-Lene...daily. For jumping, you might just want to try a tried and true mini trampoline.  

Vest, Fun and Function
Second is a weighted/compression vest from Fun and Function. The link will take you directly to their "Everything Weighted" page. It's a huge selection of vests, body socks, dress up clothes, lap pads, manipulatives, etc.

At $50 dollars, this vest can't be beat! I love that you can remove the weights from hidden, tiny, little pockets if you just need compression. It uses velcro to secure the vest on the body so it's adjustable for a good fit. It's adorable when it's on too. The only negative about it is the smell - it smells like a tire factory, but they are washable so that should take care of that!  Izaiah loves it and I ended up getting a graphic one for my older daughter too. That will be on her blog.  I'll link when I get it done.

Grabbers, Ark Therapy

Third, I have some of these grabber chews from Ark Therapy. These are great - durable too.  My son doesn't so much like to "chew", he's more of a "sucker" but he likes to carry them around and I love the way the handle is shaped - very easy for a toddler to tote.

Chew Noodle

Fourth, a chew noodle from Chew Noodle.  Izaiah uses it sometimes, when he feels like chewing and mouthing.  He loves carrying the noodle around and hitting stuff with it though! I like the little clip it comes with - you can clip it on to a jacket or coat if you needed to.

Chewy Charm

Next is a Chewy Charm by Sensory University and the link to amazon where I bought it. This one has a strap so your child can wear it.  It does have a break-away-clasp for safety, but still it's for the older kids. Izaiah likes to chew it occasionally.  

Last, one of my favorites is the Z-Vibe from Ark Therapy.  This tool is awesome!  I use it to stimulate Izaiah's mouth, lips, and tongue with vibration. I also do his cheeks, chin, and throat.

Z Vibe with rough tip
There are several different types of tips for purchase. I chose some rough and soft tips as well as a spoon shaped tip.  If your child does not like the vibration, you can use it without turning it on and still stimulate the oral areas with the tips.  For very important information on how we use this tool, please click here.

Z-Vibe with soft spoon tip

Annie Eskeldson writes for parents of young autists.  Her books can be found at Ashi's Gift Website.

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