Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dermatologist/ Hospital Stay/ Healing (Eczema IV)

Izaiah's Eczema Rash on feet.

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I last left our eczema saga with Izaiah's skin in very poor condition, it's hard to believe it even got worse. The eczema flare lasted 8 weeks. 

Eczema can be tricky and look like ringworm.

The day for our appointment with the pediatric dermatologist in Kansas City finally came. By this time, I was certain the rash on Izaiah's skin was actually Dermatitis Herpetaphormis, a skin manifestation of Celiac Disease.

The derm believed the rash was more eczematic; but given Izaiah's health history and recent observations of being gluten free, she thought it prudent to test him for Celiac. She wrote out some scripts and sent us on our way.

Sorry for the bum shot, but this is a common eczema flare

We left K.C. and drove the hour back to our own city.  I took Izaiah to our usual doctor because I had noticed him itching his ear.  He'd had a low fever the last two days and also vomiting.  My concern was an infection of some sort and sure enough the doctor diagnosed Swimmer's Ear. This child just can't seem to  catch a break! 

Tired, we arrived home, lugging our prescriptions.  Topical steroids, a topical antibiotic and an oral one ( for an eczema-inflicted wound, aka, scratching), an antibiotic for the Swimmer's Ear (the one that breaks any budget),  hydroxyzine to help Izaiah sleep, and various creams and washes for his skin. 

Allergy Rash. It looked like eczema when if first came on.

That night, the hydroxyzine had the opposite effect and instead of helping Izaiah get much needed rest, it turned him into a wild animal for a day and a half before it wore off...that's the last time I used that.  By the weekend we were in the emergency room with an allergic reaction to the cephalexin and then checked in for an overnight hospital-stay for dehydration. 

Izaiah's dramatic skin rescue!

I can't just end without letting you know that Izaiah's skin is so much better.  These photos were taken 3 days after our hospital stay and the turnaround looks miraculous, but it isn't. It takes daily maintenance to keep his skin healed, so much so, that our lives revolve around it.  Food and outdoor allergies are culprits, but sunshine and swimming at the pool are helpful. Interestingly, where we live, there has been a drought the last few years, but Spring brought rain, humidity, huge pollen counts, and eczema flares in big numbers. I'm told there have been so many cases of them in children this year.  During the dry years, Izaiah's eczema remained in remission.

This journey has drained us emotionally, physically, mentally, financially. I don't think a week has passed by in the last 3 months where we were not at a doctor's office or a hospital. I prayed unceasingly through weeks of lonely nights with a screaming, crying, itching, hurting, exhausted child.  I was exhausted too and sometimes could only cry with him. Severe eczema is a condition which can cause night terrors in children and suicide in adults; it disgusts me how I've always taken my own skin for granted. I noticed after several weeks, my prayers did a one-eighty to sound more like complaining. Numbers 11:1 tells how God is so displeased with complaining that it kindles his anger. He has good reason. Complaining weakens us, makes us cynical, resentful, bitter, and it leads to a host of other sins. It can divide families, businesses, and churches; it can cause our faith to become weak, doubt to creep in, and the devil to get a foothold. That's why Philippians 2:14 commands us to do all things without murmurings and disputings, because (Phil 2:15) we will be found blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke. No matter what we are going through, God is going to respond. We want him to find us faithful...not complaining. 

Coming up next! Our experience with food allergies and being gluten free!


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey on here. My son too struggles with eczema since he was a baby, he is now 5. He has many food and environmental triggers. Currently we are away from home and sticking to his diet and normal routine has been a struggle, he has been having a hard time. It is so good to read about others who suffer from the same issues. Perhaps the best part is that I am so glad to read about your faith journey as part of all of this

    1. Thank you Erin! Will be praying for you and your son during your travels.

    2. Thank you for your prayers. Just fell asleep late tonight only to wake to the sound of his scratching. Sat with him and cried and tried to comfort him as best as I could while we waited for the hydroxizine to kick in - prayed to be thankful in the midst of the trial - want a heart of gratitude that turns me back to God in all things. Praying for a continued peaceful night of sleep.

    3. I'm so sorry, Erin. Those nights are so tough to get through. Last night was a good night for us, but the night before was not. We were up for three hours, I think my son was having a night terror. I creamed him all down and just held him until he stopped screaming and then nursed him until he finally fell asleep. My son can't take hydroxyzine, it has the opposite effect on him, but Benedryl helps. I was wondering if you are on facebook? If so, there is an excellent group called Eczema Parents. It is so good, even if you already know all the treatments like wet wraps and such it is a wonderful place for support from others. Many even share their pictures so you know you are not alone.

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